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Where do I get a happy ending massage in Ellsworth Michigan?


Should you ask outright if she’ll give on a dick massage?

Well, that depends. Do you want to stop at handjob or do you want to go further?

Although I agree that it’s much better to ask in advance, I think that masseuses are accustomed to requests for handjobs and they know that it’s a part of their job to make their clients happy.

So, don’t worry too much about it. Even if you play along, you’ll do just fine.

Should you give her subtle hints?

Well, let me walk you through what happens when you go for a sex massage Ellsworth MI.

Firstly, the masseuse will ask you to take your clothes off, and get naked. Then, she’ll make you sleep and wrap a towel around your waist, and give you a great massage on your back. Once that’s done, she’ll ask you to turn-over. As soon as you turn, she’ll gently massage your legs, and without seeking your permission, she’ll just go for it and give you a rub and tug. (Happens most of the time. Trust me).

Since these full body masseuses are real professionals, they’ll lube you up and give you probably the best rub a tug tug you’ve ever had.

So, coming back to your question– no hints are required. But, if you want to put things across table, sure, go ahead. Most of the times she’ll agree to giving you a Happy Ending Massage Ellsworth Michigan, but if she’s uncomfortable doing it, don’t push it further.

Should I tip her well if she gives you a “Backpage body rub Ellsworth MI“?

Sure. Definitely. Tip her well, and she’ll remember you the next time. That way you’ll be treated in a much better way when you visit her again for your next cock massage.

I generally tip 10-15%, but, you can go on and give an even more generous tip. It goes on to show how much you appreciate her hand job efforts.

– Interesting question – getting a happy ending massage is a mix of a science and an art. I can give you some general principles but you would need to improvise on the fly.

I generally chat up the Ellsworth body rub girls while she is massaging my back. Treat her like a normal girl, ask her if she likes her job, does she have a boyfriend etc.

All this time, keep imagining her giving you a naked massage in Ellsworth Michigan so that you have a crazy hard on. You could pop a viagra before you go in for the massage if you find it difficult getting hard in a new environment. When she flips you over, act all embarrassed and say that her sensual touch made you hard. If you are quite hard, it’ll be tough for her to ignore and if she does offer extras, she will get on the job straight away.

Using this technique, I’ve got numerous oriental happy endings and a quite a few full services. At the end, tip her well (say 60 to 80 bucks) so she’s happy. The real fun happens the next time when you visit her. You completely skip the farce of the adult massage Ellsworth MI and get to taste those juicy melons… http://centerforsexandculture.org

Best of luck and hope you get a heavenly release soon!